Event Form Request 

Our  Staff will review Request Forms prior to any Event or Advertisement Request approval.  All approved requests will be placed on the Ministry Calendar. Should there be a conflict with your request, you will be notified about changes needing to be made.

We ask that all event Request Forms be submitted a minimum of 3 weeks prior to an Event.  For Advertisement Requests, please have them turned in at least 2 weeks before the date you would like the advertisement to begin.

Please check and/or List ALL AREAS of the building you are requesting use of. Please restrict activities to only those areas.

Sound and/or Media Requests

If your Event requires the use of the Church’s Sound System, Screens, TVs, or Computers, only a trained person is allowed to use such equipment and will require the approval of Pastoral Staff. Please request the Sound/Media Equipment you need for your Event, and our Staff will do their best to ensure that such equipment and trained personnel are available.

Set Up/Clean Up Needs:

Church Bus/Van:

Additional Information

All areas of our Church Facility that are being used for an Event, must be left cleaned and “Sunday/Wednesday Ready”.  This means that all floors must be Vacuumed, Swept and/or Mopped, depending on the area being used. Bathrooms need to be cleaned. Please be sure to check all Toilets, Countertops and Sinks. Should the Kitchen be utilized, all Dishes need to be washed and put away, Countertops wiped down and Sinks cleared. All Garbages in each room used need to be dumped and all Tables/Chairs should be returned to their designated areas.  If Table Linens or Kitchen Towels are being used, please return them Laundered and back to the Facility in a timely manner.